Joshua B.
Financial Crime Apprentice
Job category Banking & Finance

About Joshua

Key Experiences

Straight from A-levels to a professional Apprenticeship
for the last two years I have been studying for my A-level qualifications in Business, Economics and History. This previous summer I got my results and was pleased, however the search for a job was hard, I wanted to challenge myself and do a job I knew would fulfil my ambitions. over the summer I continued my part time job as a barmen in a pub and got a new job as a waiter in a tearoom just so I could get some extra money. This certainly isn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I was so keen to get a professional career. I then applied for the financial crime apprenticeship role at Santander and started researching into what financial crime actually is; it caught my attention and passion immediately. it would involve ensuring that criminals involved in trafficking, drug cartels and terrorism wouldn't be able to get their money through the system, aiming to dry up their funds and prevent them from doing the bad things that they do. Now I am here, working as a financial crime apprentice. From A-levels and a part time job in a pub straight into a vast, successful and market leading bank that is Santander doing a job that will make a difference and help me to fulfil that ambition I desire.

Current Position

Fighting financial crime!
Our main job as the financial crime team is to identify, understand and mitigate any kind of potential financial crime risk. This would involved ensuring that any customers, existing or new, are in no way associated with any sanctioned countries or individuals. We would also ensure that all companies are who they say they are and that they are selling the products/services that they said they would. We also must ensure that all regulations are being met and that we abide by the rules of the FCA.

Main Motivations

Making a difference and supporting the community.
In financial crime we will be working to prevent the horrible activities that criminals undertake. We will be working to stop terrorist being able to get finance, traffickers unable to get their money through the system and help prevent vulnerable customers being subject to fraud and bribery, thus I am able to do my part to help the world and prevent criminals from prospering. With Santander there will also be many opportunities to help out in the community and as a team we are really passionate to get out and support all those who may be struggling.

Top Advice

If you get knocked down, get back up!
Time and time again I was unsuccessful in job interviews, getting right down to the last two candidates and still not getting it is really hard. You feel as if you're not suitable for a job and that others are always gong to be better than you, this couldn't be further from the case, you were suited for the job but the job wasn't suited for you. It just means that you're meant for something more but you have to just keep going and stay focused on what you want to achieve. if you want it, you will get it.

Greatest Achievement

Getting this Apprenticeship at Santander
Without a doubt my biggest achievement has been getting this job. I have done well in both my GCSE's and my A-levels but this is above both of them. I have also been on a mission trip to Romania where we distributed clothes and helped build a ramp for a poor family so that their disabled son could get easy access to the house. Getting this job is up there with that and the feeling of fulfilment and the feeling of purpose being able to do my part to help people is what makes me passionate about this role.


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